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RGP Contact Lenses
Rigid Gas Permeable Contact Lenses offers lenses at low prices.

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"I'll never go back to soft contact lenses.  Paragon contacts last much longer than my old ones used to."

- Harold P

"I didn't realize what a sharper image I would get with gas permeable lenses.  Paragon lenses really made a difference."

- David M

Paragon Contact Lenses

Futuristic Design

Approved for up to 7 day extended wear the Paragon GP Contact Lenses combine the performance of a conventional lens material with oxygen permeability other lenses can not match. A revolutionary material, developed after extensive research and utilizing concepts paralleling the efforts of NASA in development of the shuttle program, offers patients the highest oxygen permeability.

Paragon Gas Permeable Contact Lenses have proven their worth over and above the numerous RGP choices through both clinical studies and FDA approval. These lenses deliver visual performance, stability, wettability, comfort, and oxygen permeability.

Paragon Lenses are part of the Rigid Gas Permeable Contact Lenses Family - lenses that last longer, see clearer, and wear better.

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